Lampshade Fabrics and Colors Galore

August 27, 2008

Lampshades come in many beautiful fabrics and colors, from the finest pure silk for a formal room to linen, parchment and even jute for more casual settings. 

Silk lined shades have a beautiful glow when lit and last a long time in most cases.  And silk fabrics come in many interesting textures and colors.  There are very smooth, fine silk textures and there are silks with more “slub”, which have more of the traditional shantung look.  We stock mostly white, eggshell and beige silk shades, but can custom order lots of other colors too.  Red, brown, gold and sage are some of the silk colored shades that we currently have in stock.  Keep in mind that dark colored shades provide less light.  Darker shades are great for muted accent lighting on buffets, in foyers and in bedrooms.  

Soft shades can be lined in gold, bronze, sand, eggshell, pink or light blue.  A different lining softens the color of the light.  Where more light is needed, we can trim a white or eggshell shade with ribbon or soutache (a fine cord) instead of ordering a colored shade.  Light-colored shades with trim light up an area while adding color to the room. 

Linen shades can have a soft or a hard lining.  Linens have an interesting coarse texture when lit and come in many shapes and sizes.  Soft linen shades can be pleated, for a crisp look that’s not too dressy.  White, eggshell and beige linens are always in stock.  Other linen colors can be ordered too. 

Parchment can be white, eggshell, beige or black with white, gold or silver lining.  Black parchment shades look great on brass, nickel, wood, alabaster and glass lamps.  We have all shapes and sizes of black shades in stock.  They are dramatic and make a statement on any lamp.

Jute is natural tan color like the string, and looks great on rustic wood or pottery lamps.  The light is warm and relaxing with jute shades on your lamps.

So bring us your lamps, fabrics and paint swatches to blend shade fabrics, colors and textures with your decor.  We hope to see you soon!

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201.  Phone and fax 614.299.6442


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