Lighting is Everything!

March 20, 2009

When someone asks “what is the quickest, cheapest, easiest change for a room, and designers reply “paint”, I strongly disagree!  I think lighting, specifically new lamps and shades, can change a room dramatically.  And there’s no labor, drop cloths or clean-up required! 

So think about how new lamps and shades can update your space.  Would you like something more contemporary?   Get a cool lamp with a drum shade.  Do you want to brighten your room?  Buy a whiter, more translucent shade and use a brighter, but more energy efficient bulb.  How about some mood lighting?  Try a black shade with gold lining, for a soft, warm glow.   For a more casual feel, there are linen textured shades in all shapes and sizes.

Lamp styles, shapes and sizes vary widely as well.  From traditional brass and porcelain, to more contemporary pottery, glass and chrome, there are lamps for every taste.  We stock a variety of different lamps, plus we can order from several unique sources.  Feel free to come browse our catalogs when you have time. 

And if you’d like a new shade, please bring your lamp to try many great options.  We hope to see you soon, for a quick room makeover without the mess.

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614.299.6442 (phone/fax),


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