Can’t Find the Perfect Shade?

April 3, 2009

We often hear from customers that they can’t find the perfect shade for a unique lamp.  Why not have one made?  The cost of a custom shade is no more than if we had the same shade in stock.  The only difference is that you get to pick the size, shape, fabric, color and trim that suits your lamp to a “T”.

For example, two customers recently brought in the elephant lamp pictured below.  The original lampshade was showing it’s age.  So we helped them select the new shape, size, damask fabric, braided trim and two-tone fringe to complement this “one of a kind” lamp.  The customers are so happy with the results that they sent us a picture of the elephant lamp wearing it’s new shade:


There are several excellant American manufacturers still making lampshades to order at affordable prices.  So end your search, and bring us your lamps and anything else in the room (fabric, paint, wallpaper samples) that you’d like the shade to complement.  We can order the “perfect” shade for you and your lamps.

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614.299.6442.


One Response to “Can’t Find the Perfect Shade?”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Cool lamp! The new shade works really well with the Elephant Lamp.

    I am surprised that a custom lampshade is not more expensive than a similar one in stock. Made-to-order seems like the way to go!

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