Spring Clean Your Lampshades

March 14, 2014

With spring around the corner, it’s a good time to freshen up your home, including your lampshades. Pleated or textured shades tend to collect more dust than smoother ones. To dust your shades, brush the exterior only (never dust the soft lining) with a clean, soft bristle brush. A new paint brush works well. Take your shades outside, hold them with one hand by the top wire and brush them gently from top to bottom, turning them to dust all sides.  Also brush the dust from the trim.

2014-03-13 Butterfly Shade

If your shade has deteriorated, i.e. the lining is split or cracked and yellow, it may be time for a new shade.  An old shade is  difficult to repair because the fabric is usually brittle or weak.  Silk-lined shades can be relined, but in most cases the cost is similar or more than a new shade.  New shades will freshen your rooms and give you more light.  And we have some new styles that can give your lamp a whole new look.  We encourage you to bring your lamps to try some new shades, or to find a similar style that fits well.  By adding a new finial (lamp top), you will have a totally new looking lamp!


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