Seeing Lampshades Is Best!

May 27, 2014

Online shopping has its advantages.  But there’s nothing like the visual experience of walking into a lampshade store with your lamps and seeing several new and different shades on them.  Fresh, new lampshades transform lamps, especially when lit.  You don’t buy shades very often, but you live with them for a long time.  So before you buy new shades, see various sizes, shapes and fabrics on your lamps if you can. On a computer, tablet or smartphone, this is hard to do.

We can raise or lower shades on your lamps by changing the “harp” (the metal loop holding the shade up) or adding a brass “riser” for a more custom fit.  That’s why shade height is usually not our main concern.  You can also bring your favorite new CFL or LED bulb to see its color under different lampshade fabrics and colors.  And you may not have noticed, but the old shades may have darkened with age.  New shades will give you more light, even with the newer, lower wattage bulbs.

When you visit us, you can look at fabric swatches if you would like to order a specific color or texture.  You can take a few of your shade choices home “on approval” to see them in your rooms. Selection, custom fitting and ordering, plus experienced personal service are all reasons to bring your lamps to a lampshade store to buy new shades.  These reasons make it difficult to buy lampshades online.  So we encourage customers to bring their lamps and try on shades to make  the best choice – shades that will look great for years to come!



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