Finials, the top part that attaches lampshades the lamp, are decorative as well as functional.  They complete the design of a lamp by balancing the top to the base of the lamp.  Some people call them “lamp jewelry” or “the icing on the cake”.   As any good designer knows, the details can make a job look much more professional.

Finials come in a wide variety of metals (brass – polished and antique, nickel, bronze), glass (smooth and cut crystal), porcelain, jade, wood, etc.  There are many shapes, sizes and heights to complement an endless assortment of lamps.   There are also seasonal, especially Christmas, and novelty finials such as shells, birds, animals and other whimsical items that make great gifts too. 

It is best to bring your lamps when buying finials to try them on, just like buying shades.  Consider color, shape, texture and size when buying a finial.  All finials fit on lamp harps (the metal loop that holds the shade up), and can be adapted to fit on larger rods too. 

Finials decorate at an affordable price, from a few dollars to $20-30 for quality lead crystal.  Come see our wide selection of finials soon – and bring your lamps with you!