Online shopping has its advantages.  But there’s nothing like the visual experience of walking into a lampshade store with your lamps and seeing several new and different shades on them.  Fresh, new lampshades transform lamps, especially when lit.  You don’t buy shades very often, but you live with them for a long time.  So before you buy new shades, see various sizes, shapes and fabrics on your lamps if you can. On a computer, tablet or smartphone, this is hard to do.

We can raise or lower shades on your lamps by changing the “harp” (the metal loop holding the shade up) or adding a brass “riser” for a more custom fit.  That’s why shade height is usually not our main concern.  You can also bring your favorite new CFL or LED bulb to see its color under different lampshade fabrics and colors.  And you may not have noticed, but the old shades may have darkened with age.  New shades will give you more light, even with the newer, lower wattage bulbs.

When you visit us, you can look at fabric swatches if you would like to order a specific color or texture.  You can take a few of your shade choices home “on approval” to see them in your rooms. Selection, custom fitting and ordering, plus experienced personal service are all reasons to bring your lamps to a lampshade store to buy new shades.  These reasons make it difficult to buy lampshades online.  So we encourage customers to bring their lamps and try on shades to make  the best choice – shades that will look great for years to come!



With spring around the corner, it’s a good time to freshen up your home, including your lampshades. Pleated or textured shades tend to collect more dust than smoother ones. To dust your shades, brush the exterior only (never dust the soft lining) with a clean, soft bristle brush. A new paint brush works well. Take your shades outside, hold them with one hand by the top wire and brush them gently from top to bottom, turning them to dust all sides.  Also brush the dust from the trim.

2014-03-13 Butterfly Shade

If your shade has deteriorated, i.e. the lining is split or cracked and yellow, it may be time for a new shade.  An old shade is  difficult to repair because the fabric is usually brittle or weak.  Silk-lined shades can be relined, but in most cases the cost is similar or more than a new shade.  New shades will freshen your rooms and give you more light.  And we have some new styles that can give your lamp a whole new look.  We encourage you to bring your lamps to try some new shades, or to find a similar style that fits well.  By adding a new finial (lamp top), you will have a totally new looking lamp!

Now we can help you add some pizazz to your lampshades by combining two fabrics on one shade! There are two different looks available. You can choose the primary shade color from any of our hardback swatches, then choose a second color for the trim. The contrasting trim will be applied at the top and bottom of the shade:

LS pizazz

The drum shade above is a Beige Linen with Paprika linen trim. Try this with a bold accent color or a darker neutral color for a more subtle look.

Another fabulous option uses two colors on the body and trim of the shade:

LS Two-Fabrics

Here the primary color on the shade is the Paprika linen, with a Chocolate linen bottom quarter as well as top trim. Use this look to elevate your decor in a contemporary way, either on lamps or as a hanging pendant. Large shaded pendants over dining tables or in living spaces can have an awesome dramatic affect. A few colorful smaller pendants over an island or peninsula also look great!

If you’re a sports fan, we may be able to make a custom shade for your favorite team.

Any size or shape of shade can be customized.  We will have shade samples in stock soon, so stop by or call if you need more information about our custom two-tone lampshades.  As always, bring your lamps for the best fitting shades.  Feel free to bring your fabrics and color swatches too. Come tie your color scheme together for a custom, high-end look at an affordable price.

Finials, the top part that attaches lampshades the lamp, are decorative as well as functional.  They complete the design of a lamp by balancing the top to the base of the lamp.  Some people call them “lamp jewelry” or “the icing on the cake”.   As any good designer knows, the details can make a job look much more professional.

Finials come in a wide variety of metals (brass – polished and antique, nickel, bronze), glass (smooth and cut crystal), porcelain, jade, wood, etc.  There are many shapes, sizes and heights to complement an endless assortment of lamps.   There are also seasonal, especially Christmas, and novelty finials such as shells, birds, animals and other whimsical items that make great gifts too. 

It is best to bring your lamps when buying finials to try them on, just like buying shades.  Consider color, shape, texture and size when buying a finial.  All finials fit on lamp harps (the metal loop that holds the shade up), and can be adapted to fit on larger rods too. 

Finials decorate at an affordable price, from a few dollars to $20-30 for quality lead crystal.  Come see our wide selection of finials soon – and bring your lamps with you!

We often hear from customers that they can’t find the perfect shade for a unique lamp.  Why not have one made?  The cost of a custom shade is no more than if we had the same shade in stock.  The only difference is that you get to pick the size, shape, fabric, color and trim that suits your lamp to a “T”.

For example, two customers recently brought in the elephant lamp pictured below.  The original lampshade was showing it’s age.  So we helped them select the new shape, size, damask fabric, braided trim and two-tone fringe to complement this “one of a kind” lamp.  The customers are so happy with the results that they sent us a picture of the elephant lamp wearing it’s new shade:


There are several excellant American manufacturers still making lampshades to order at affordable prices.  So end your search, and bring us your lamps and anything else in the room (fabric, paint, wallpaper samples) that you’d like the shade to complement.  We can order the “perfect” shade for you and your lamps.

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614.299.6442.

Lighting is Everything!

March 20, 2009

When someone asks “what is the quickest, cheapest, easiest change for a room, and designers reply “paint”, I strongly disagree!  I think lighting, specifically new lamps and shades, can change a room dramatically.  And there’s no labor, drop cloths or clean-up required! 

So think about how new lamps and shades can update your space.  Would you like something more contemporary?   Get a cool lamp with a drum shade.  Do you want to brighten your room?  Buy a whiter, more translucent shade and use a brighter, but more energy efficient bulb.  How about some mood lighting?  Try a black shade with gold lining, for a soft, warm glow.   For a more casual feel, there are linen textured shades in all shapes and sizes.

Lamp styles, shapes and sizes vary widely as well.  From traditional brass and porcelain, to more contemporary pottery, glass and chrome, there are lamps for every taste.  We stock a variety of different lamps, plus we can order from several unique sources.  Feel free to come browse our catalogs when you have time. 

And if you’d like a new shade, please bring your lamp to try many great options.  We hope to see you soon, for a quick room makeover without the mess.

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614.299.6442 (phone/fax),

Freshen Up on a Budget

February 11, 2009

Just as jewelry enhances any outfit, decorative accessories are a quick and affordable way to enhance interior spaces.   New lampshades and finials (lamp tops) will immediately freshen your home or office, without breaking the bank.  

Shades tend to darken with age, especially the hard-backed ones.    Look inside your lampshades and see if the lining is dark.  And is the shade a brown or orange color when you light it?  It’s time to replace it.  A new shade with a white lining will give you much more light.  With a new shade, you may even be able to use a lower wattage incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb, which will add years to the life of the new shade and the lamp’s socket. 

Soft-lined shades also show their age after several years of use.  The lining will eventually split or crumble, just from the heat of the bulb, sunlight and age.   They can be dusted with a soft brush (an unused paintbrush works well), but at some point they should be replaced too.  Soft shades are usually more formal looking due to the silk fabrics that are used.   But new soft linen shades are also available in many shapes and sizes, for a crisp, casual look. 

Finials are the decorative tops that hold the shade onto the lamp.  They are sometimes called “jewels for the lamp”.   Finials come in antique and polished brass, nickel, glass, wood, porcelain and jade.  There are many different sizes and shapes, to complement any lamp.   Just changing the finial can add new life to a lamp. 
Apple Green Gourd Lamp with Off-White Silk Shade and Matching Green Finial

Apple Green Gourd Lamp with Off-White Silk Shade and Matching Green Finial

Now is a great time to replace these worn-out shades and finials.  Even if you are on a budget, we have a wide variety of shades in every price range and style to suit your needs.  We also have decorative pillows, plates, bowls and Root candles to enhance your rooms in a hurry!

Please remember, when shopping for lampshades, to bring us your lamps for the best fit.  For more information about us, feel free to visit our website at  We hope to see you soon. 

The Lamp Shade, 990 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, 614-299-6442.